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Sou a: Inici / Math activities / Math Summer Camp / 2022 Edition

2022 Edition


The MSC 2022 will take place from July 4th to July 15th.

Expected arrival of the participants: July 3rd.

Preregistration will be open from April 22nd to May 25th.

Publication date accepted students: May 31 (approximately at noon).


Download the flyer here.

Courses and speakers

Combinatorics A. Espuny
Geometry M. Felipe
Polynomials O. Navarro
Arithmetic M. Oller


Artificial intelligence and optimization to accelerate the energy transition. C. Corchero
Ruler and compass constructions on the lemniscate curve. J.C. Lario
Maths & Population dynamics, a glimpse. T. Lázaro
Where will the 29000 rubber ducks wash up? From Turing machines to Geometry and the Navier-Stokes conjecture E. Miranda
Electronic voting: Shuffling to anonymize P. Morillo


There will be 4 advanced courses (Arithmetic, Combinatorics, Geometry and Polynomials), 5 conferences introducing active research subjects, and social activities.

The academic activities will be held at the Facultat de Matemàtiques I Estadística, UPC. Pau Gargallo, 14, 08028-Barcelona.

The working language will be English.

All students will be hosted in a hostel near the university.

Preregistration form

There is a limited number of places. Interested students have to fulfill a preregistration form (opening on April 22, at 0:00 and finishing on May 25, at 20:00)

Registration fees

There is a registration fee of 300 € for accepted students. If somebody needs a grant covering this fee, write to asking for conditions.